To calculate time between dates of weekdays only.

Can I calculate the time between two dates including only weekdays for e.g. 1/9/15 2:23:40 PM   and  1/15/15 4:06:10 PM between these two dates if I use timebetween(D1,D2) this will include Sat and Sun also. I just want weekdays time. Can anyone guide me.

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  • I was playing around with the date data provided by Incorta. I had to set the date field function to "key" to get this to work. The date schema has a field called work_day_seq. This is a count of the workdays excluding weekends (holidays are NOT excluded.) I then used the lookup function in a new formula to get the difference between a date.work_day_seq tied to a different date field in another table with the lookup result. The lookup function was only testing against a fixed date string of 2020-01-01 but could use any other date field or a presentation variable. The test function looks like this: 

    Date_Time.Date.work_day_seq - lookup(

    I have attached a picture of a test table showing this with just the date table:

  • Root_08012020 you may also find some helpful details in this Q&A thread: https://community.incorta.com/t/h44ttc/business-days-between

    • Dustin Basil The video was useful but did not address the direct question of the difference. Counting days is cool, but is there a better way to do the difference from what I suggested?

    • Marc Paige offhand I do not, I was looking to make sure Root_08012020 had the foundational reference necessary to implement your solution or craft their own.

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