MV on a remote (Azure datalake) parquet location

I am trying to read parquet files directly from a remote Azure location. I dont want to load data within Incorta as there are frequent writes and dont want data inconsistency issues.

First, I created a datasource to connect to the Azure datalake. So far no issues. I then created a schema as shown below using the Azure connection and it immediately recognized the schema from the parquet files too. So I can safely assume that there are no access/file corruption issues. 



But when I create an MV so that I can use it in my dashboard, it fails. The MV creation code is below:


dfmembal = spark.sql("SELECT * from membalv")

INC_005005001:Failed to load data from [spark://s123vmeinc2.vpc.company.net:7077] with properties [[error, list index out of range ('IndexError', ':', IndexError('list index out of range',)) ]]

Can you please help let me know if I am missing anything. Is this (creating an MV for reading remote files) even a right approach to read files from remote?


Thanks a whole lot..

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  • This question is currently being investigated by Incorta Support. 


  • Dustin Basil we replied to Srinivasa Vasu over the support channels. The reason was enabling the "Include Filename as a Column" option which is unsupported in case of remote tables. Disabling this option will work fine. We shall address this glitch in a recent release.

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