How do I connect to a Oracle Cloud Database from Incorta?

I need to connect to a Oracle Cloud Database from Incorta, please show me the steps.

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    1. Refer to https://www.oracle.com/database/technologies/java-connectivity-to-atp.html
    2. Download the Autonomous Data Warehouse Client Credentials.
    3. Unzip the credentials files and copy the credentials folder to a location on Incorta server
    4. Copy the below jar files to  <home>/IncortaAnalytics/IncortaNode/runtime/webapps/incorta/WEB-INF/lib location. In multi node environment make sure to configure this both in loader and analytics node

    ○       ucp.jar

    ○       osdt_cert.jar

    ○       osdt_core.jar

    ○       Oraclepki.jar

    Note:-  In case of Incorta upgrade, please copy these 4 jar files again to the same location. These files will be removed during the upgrades.

    1. Form the JDBC URL as follows. Use this URL in Incorta data connection string
      jdbc:oracle:thin:@service_name?TNS_ADMIN=wallet directory

      For example:


    ○       The value adwc_sales_low is the service name (find this in the tnsnames.ora file, which is in the credentials file.)

    ○       The path /Oracle/ADWC/adwc_sales is the directory where the client credentials were unzipped on the Incorta server

    1. Make sure the Java JDK version is java 8 161 + build. If it is below this version then please execute the steps as mentioned in the below screenshot
    2. Restart loader and analytics services from CMC

    If it does not work please try to replace the ojdbc8.jar from the JDBC18.3 driver (used by wallet) in IncortaAnalytics/IncortaNode/runtime/lib folder and restart the services. Make sure you rename the old driver first.

  • Amit Kothari said:
    The path /Oracle/ADWC/adwc_sales is the directory where the client credentials were unzipped on the Incorta server

     Hi Amit, on multi node environments which server(s) does the credentials files need to be extracted on?

    • Laurentiu Pteanc  Should be on both loader and analytics node

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