Can the MySql database be backed up while the platform is up?

I recently had an instance where the database got corrupted somehow. I am going to institute an automated daily backup of the database. Can the mysqldump utility be run while the platform is running?

Also, I would like to automate the export of the tenant definitions. I looked at the documentation for the command line tenant tools but any help would be appreciated.

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  • Hi Marc Paige -- Not to dodge the question (I will defer to engineers here), but I consider tenant exports to be equivalent to database backups.  Some data like load history won't be delivered in a tenant export, but that can usually be data you can live without.

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  • Automated the backup without bringing the platform down during after hours and it ran successfully. We'll keep a rolling 7 days of backups. So, the answer to my question is yes, the utility can be run with the platform up.

  • Marc and Dan, the simple answer to the question is the services "should be" down when the metadata database is backed up.  This is to ensure that there are no transactional updates being posted to the DB at the same moment of the backup being taken.  Since both the services AND the UI both interact and can update data in the metadata DB, it is best practice to back it up when there is an assurance of no activity.  That being said, Dan's answer re: tenant backups is valid, AND Marc's scheduling of a backup "after hours" when it can be assumed there is no DB transaction activity is also valid.  As an example, we have some customers that are running incremental loads every 5 minutes around the clock, and in this case, it is difficult to find a time when there is truly no activity running against the system, and thus updates being made to metadata for load status and statistics, etc.

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      Jeff Wilgus The backup is taking a few seconds and we have it scheduled to occur when there are no incremental loads are occurring. Thanks for the update. If we get into a situation where the backup takes longer, we will amend our process to bookend the process with stopping and starting the node.

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