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Suppose you create a new table in a schema called Stock2.  You then plan to replace all references of the old table Stock1 with the new table Stock2.  Is there a way on a managed Incorta instance (i.e. with no direct server access) to find all the dashboards and business views/schemas that reference the old Stock1 table?

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  • If I were doing it right now, today, I'd export the content, unzip, open Notepad++ and do a "find in files"  search and replace.


    Then rezip and import.


    Painful if you have a lot of business schemae and content.   It might be easier to export just the physical schema, find/replace "stock1" with "stock_original" and then rename "stock2" to "stock1"    That way the business schema wouldn't need to be touched, nor the dashboards/insights.   

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  • The inspector tool https://docs.incorta.com/cloud/tools-inspector-tool/ can provide the lineage dashboard, which include the mapping from the dashboard columns or metrics to the business schema and physical schema.

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  • Thank you!  I'll try that out

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