How to change Dashboard Prompt from Check Box to Radio Button?


I want to change a dashboard prompt from a multi selection check box to a single selection radio button. I have attached a document that illustrates my question. I am sure the resolution is simple, but I am unable to figure it out. Please tell me the correct way to make this change.

Thank you.

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  • Hi Kevin Jacklin you can change the filter prompt from "In" to "Equals" which will give you radio buttons. See here for more info: https://docs.incorta.com/4.9/prompts/

  • Thank you Dustin. I read the document, and I do not  think it is suggesting anything beyond what I tried. Is there any action missing from the document that I attached?

    • Kevin Jacklin After making the filter changes in the Manage Filters & Prompts UI, make sure to click "Done" in the top right. If that does not help, we may need to enlist Support to assist.

  • Yes, I am clicking done. The last modified time shows it was changed, but the change is not applying to the dashboard. Should I create a ticket? We are on 4.7.4.

    • Kevin Jacklin 

      The design pattern for the radial is to use a Presentation Variable with an Applied filter. The Field Options for the PV is dimension in question. The PV requires a default value. The Applied Filter value is the $pv_name.   This design pattern always is a radial for the PV options in the Filter bar.
      The Prompt requires a default, that can be changed, and in doing so, the default radial will revert to the multi-select, regardless of the default filter operator.

  • Thank you for your reply, Seth.

    Yes, our boxes and radials have default values. I am unsure what you are suggesting that I do to change it. The business users have not complained, but I think it is wrong. Maybe I will just leave it for now.

    • Kevin Jacklin Please direct message me and we can coordinate your delivery of the dashboard export if that is agreeable to you. I really would like to make sure there isn't a product issue.

    • Dustin Basil Hello Dustin, I am away until January 4. I will follow up with you then or shortly thereafter. Thank you.

    • Kevin Jacklin No worries, please ping me on return at your convenience and have a great holiday break!

  • Dustin Basil     Hello Dustin, can we resume working on this? What would you like me to send to you? Thank you, Kevin.

    • Kevin Jacklin Could you please send me an export of your dashboard? You can direct message me on this site if you don't have my email. 

  • Dustin Basil Hello Dustin, I attached the export of one of the dashboards. I am unsure how to direct message you. Thank you, Kevin

    • Kevin Jacklin thank you, I got the file and removed it from the message. I'll reach out to you directly shortly.

      Cheers, Dustin

  • We were able to change the behavior of the filter prompt from checkboxes to radio buttons (multi to single select) by following these steps:

    1. Open Manage Filter & Prompts

    2. Select the drop down arrow next the column name in the pillbox

    3. Click on the current operator next to the column name (e.g. Year [IN])

    4. Select the equals operator 

    5. Important: Re-select your default value (either a variable or static value)

    6. Click outside the modal window and then click Done

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