File share sites supported in Incorta

What file share sites are supported in Incorta?  I know that Google docs is supported, and in the video it looked like icloud and dropbox.  Is Onedrive supported?

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  • Hi @amy yoste , we do not have a connector for OneDrive at the moment although it is under consideration for development. Do you have specific use cases for such or was this more of an exploratory question?

    • Dustin Basil Hey Dustin - good to see you on here! :)  As a follow-on question to Amy's, while enabling Google Drive it seems a) SSL on the incorta instance is a prerequisite for Google Oauth, is this correct?, and b) When configuring the Google Drive credentials in Incorta admin, it says server restart is required - is this a full physical server restart, or is there a less invasive way to have it pick up the changes?  

    • Dustin Basil  Even after doing a full server restart, attempting to add a Google Drive data source still reflects the old drive ID that has since changed in admin.  Help!

    • Dan Andersson Hi Dan, yes, SSL is required by Google. Restarting Incorta service is sufficient. I sent you a message on chat for follow-up.

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