What's the best way to upload a "large" flat file to Incorta?

Uploading a large file to Incorta via the web interface can be problematic.  For example, a user's session may timeout during the upload or a connection to the network may go down or be unstable (especially if uploading from mobile).

How can I get my large CSV file (say, 3 GB) into Incorta?

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  • Users that have access to the server where Incorta is running can upload their files directly into Incorta via FTP, bypassing the web interface.

    In each tenant, there is a designated folder for storage of uploaded files.  A user can simply place their file into that directory and, as long as their user has the "SuperRole" role assigned, it will automatically show up under Data Files in the Incorta web application.

    By default, the designated folder location can be found at IncortaAnalytics/tenants/<YOUR_TENANT_NAME>/data.

    If a user account does not have the "SuperRole" assigned, the administrator or other super user can update the permissions on the file via the Incorta console to share with the appropriate users.

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