Schema for fixed length records

Is it possible to build a schema and load txt files with fixed length records?

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  • Leo, can you please explain what you mean by fixed length records?  Incorta allows you to import data from a csv, txt, tsv, tab and excel files, and allows you to specify the delimiter used in this file (like comma, tab, etc).  Please explain what other requirements does the fixed length record property introduce in this context.

  • Records have no delimiters and fields are determined by the number of characters.  ie field 1 is the first 10 characters of the record, field 2 has a length of 10 characters but starts in column 11, field 3-length 10, positions 21-30, etc...

  • Leo Barber , Incorta does not support ingestion of fixed width (aka. fixed length) file formats at this time (as of version 4.3).  Excel can ingest this into a .xlsx as a way to get the data into a format Incorta can ingest (.xlsx or csv).  If you like, please add this as an enhancement request to the Product Ideas and Features section of the community.  https://community.incorta.com/category/product-ideas-feature-requests

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