block of text in dashboard?

I'm pretty sure the answer is "no", but just in case:

is there a way to have an Insight that's just a block of text not tied to any data?  wishing I could have one that could describe another Insight next to or below it.  what I'm envisioning is too much for an Insight title and the info button has to hovered over to be displayed, I'd like the text immediately visible to the user.

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  • Hi Chris Chen this sounds like a good use case for the Rich Text insight which is available on current versions (4.9, 5.0) of Incorta.

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  • Hi,   Dustin Basil good to see you.

    Thanks for the tip.  Alas, we're on 4.8.5 and upgrading isn't an option (it's complicated).

    • Chris Chen Likewise! For a workaround, you might consider using a simple Listing Table insight with a formula column that is a String value containing your block of text. You should be able to get a decent sized paragraph to display: 

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      • Marc Paige
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      • 4 mths ago
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      Chris Chen I wanted this as well in an earlier version and used the KPI insight with a  formula to do this. You are limited in what you can do with it, but it works as a rudimentary text insight. In the formula, just put a quoted string of your text. Then, choose the Max aggregation (or min work as well) type. This gives a simple text insight that can be placed wherever you want on your dashboard. You can change the color if you want.

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  • That's ingenious!  Thanks, Dustin Basil and Marc Paige

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