Custom Column with Case Statement


I'm new to Incorta  and would like to build a custom column in an existing report using a CASE statement.   Please let me know if there is a How To guide for this request or what are the steps to create the custom column.

Thank you,


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  • Hi Pat

    First go to the schema and particular table where you want to create a custom column. Click on table and scroll down where you can find the option Create Formula Field --> Click to add the formula field and write down your formula, validate it and save it. Use this column in reports.. hope this helps. 



  • Hi Praveen,

    Following up on your response.  I was able to find the "Formula Builder" section in the table.  Regretfully every iteration of building the attached OBIEE CASE statement has returned with an error for LIKE.   Please let me know what syntax I should use to create the attached CASE statement in Incorta.

    Thank you for your help,


    • Patrick Ackley  Check the below syntax and modify your query accordingly. In Incorat like,when words will not allow.

      Function Signature:  case(bool exp1,result1,bool exp2,result2,...,else)
      Description: The "case" statement has the same functionality of the "if" statement.
      Example : case(SALES.COUNTRIES. COUNTRY_NAME = 'Spain', 'Great', SALES.COUNTRIES. COUNTRY_NAME = 'Argentina', 'Cool', 'Other_Country')
      In this example, for rows with "Spain" in the country name column, the case statement would return the word "Great". For "Argentina", it would return "Cool", otherwise, it would return "Other_Country".




  • Praveen Mantha Thank you for the  additional information on CASE statements.  To resolve the absence of LIKE my colleague and I did the following:

    1. Edit Insight
    2. New Formula
    3. Used Case (Contains)) to rebuild OBIEE Case Statement, please see attached
    • Patrick Ackley  Looks the query is correct. Have you checked this query by creating the custom column?

  • Praveen Mantha the custom column is returning the expected data and we confirmed with end user.   We are experiencing difficulty creating a Pivot using the new custom column.  I will create a new thread for this question.  Thank you for your help.

    • Patrick Ackley Sounds Great Patrick Cheers :)

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