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I have a table I created from an incorta data source.  It is an aggregated table. I need to evaluate the aggregate results to assign another value to the row.  I was planning to create another table using that view/table as the source but it is not available when i try to create a new table using incorta as the source, however,  I have another table that i built where it is showing to be available?  can anyone explain why this is happening?

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  • hi...
    Does "incorta data source" mean using an Incorta tenant as a data source (Incorta over Incorta) and then creating a schema from that data source, defining a table in that schema? 

    There is also an Incorta Table. When creating/editing a schema, you can create an Incorta Table. You define an Incorta table using the Analyzer UI.  There are two choices of visualization: Table and Aggregated Table. An Incorta Table persists as Direct Data Mapping files, I believe, and not Parquet files.

  • It is the second example you gave.  I am creating a table using the analyzer UI.  if it is not persisted as a parquet file does that mean that i cannot use it to create another table using the analyzer?  

    What would be the benefit of using incorta over incorta in your first example?

  • In Incorta 4.5, you can do what you are asking, re in one given schema, create an Incorta Table (itbl_AggregatedA). Then, load the data for itbl_AggregatedA.
    In the Schema Designer, create another Incorta Table, itbl_tableB that uses itbl_AggregatedB.  Then load the data for the table  itbl_tableB. 

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