Data Refresh Time Access

Is there a way to access the schema / table refresh time via a formula column & the UI.  I want to show users the last time the data being leveraged by the dashboard was loaded. 

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  • Use the function schemaRefreshTime("Schema_name") in a data field.

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  • Hello Team,

    I have an issue with this function schemaRefreshTime("Schema_name"):

    The output of this function is GMT.

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  • Resolved this by using the funtion addMinutes as below:

    addMinutes(schemaRefreshTime("Schema_name"), -420)

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  • Dilip, you can also set the timezone for your tenant in the Admin UI (http://<incorta server>:<incorta port>/incorta/admin under <Tenant>->Regional Settings in the "Time Zone" field.  See the screenshot below where I set this to "GMT-8" for Pacific time.  Changing this setting does require an Incorta restart.


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  • Unsucessful using this function in a formula column within an insight. Schema name used was the actual physical schema, name was changed in the screenshot. 

    Does not give any error, however there was no output.

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  • Works fine and value shows up when Aggregation is set to MAX.  

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