How to migrate a tenant between Incorta v3 servers?

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  • Follow the below steps : 

    1. From the incorta server (Source environment), navigate to TMT directory and list the tenants:  
      $ cd  <incorta_home>/tmt
      $ ./tmt.sh -l 
      -  note the tenant name and path from the result of the above command   

    2.Export the tenant using the command below 
      $ ./tmt.sh --export <tenantName>  FileName.zip

    3. Copy the resulting file Name.zip to the target environment under TMT folder. 
     - if you want to use the same tenant properties copy the file 'FileName.properties' as well.

    4. Import the tenant into target environment using the commands: 

      $ cd <incorta_home>/tmt
      $ ./tmt.sh — import  fileName.zip  

     - You can change the tenant name by adding -on <NewName> if you want, and also choose a different path (than default) by adding  -op new_tenant_full_path if you want
     - you will be prompted for other information needed.  

    5. copy the tenant folder (The Path of the tenant from step 1) from source environment to the target environment tenant path

     - it is essential to copy the data folder under tenant path as it contains all the local data files (CSV, Excel  .. ), the other folders can be ignored if you are planning to run a full load from scratch.

    6. restart the services.

    7. Next, please login to Incorta on the target environment  from the browser and do the following tests:

           a. Test data sources.
           b. Verify the users.

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  • If the tenant data files are small in size, you can export it using the -cf option with export command. Similarly you should use -cf while importing

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  • For migrating tenants between Incorta v3 and Incorta v4.3, refer to https://community.incorta.com/t/367kmf/migrate-from-incorta-3-x-to-incorta-4-3

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