Incorta Analytics Version 4.2 Release Notes

The following table includes a list of the features and main fixes in version 4.2. For version 4.1 release notes, please see Incorta Analytics Version 4.1 Release Notes.


  1. Incorta Analytics 4.2 supports Python 3.4 or higher. If you are using custom Python scripts in MVs based on Python 2.7, and you want to upgrade to Python 3.4 or higher, you will need to update the scripts to be compatible with Python 3.4.
  2. Incorta Analytics 4.2 is compatible with Windows OS, and it has been tested on Windows server 2012.
  3. For Fresh installations: It is important that you change the default IP address during the installation to change the default IP address to the server's public IP address.
    For upgrades: After upgrading from 4.x to 4.2, it is important to change the IP to the server's public IP. This can be done by navigating to the "localNode" configuration page in the CMC UI.
Area Feature/Enhancement
Level Based Measures Add level based measures to your table Insight to be evaluated for a predefined level of aggregation. Learn more
Schemas  Explore your data right in the schema page, by creating a quick Insight to validate the underlying data structure.
Experience improved loading time and enhanced mapping time with the new schema wizard.
Dashboards & Insights   Aggregate string values using the "Min" and "Max" functions, returning results starting with the earliest and latest alphabets, respectively.
Move Insights seamlessly in a dashboard, simply hold and drag it wherever you prefer.
Style Insights to your needs while in Focus mode to better understand your data.
Get a notification that an Insight has been added successfully upon creation.
And more user experience enhancements.
New UI Features Search for and find information easily on the catalog page with the newly designed catalog layout.
Filters Enhancements    Set a predefined session variable as the default value for presentation variables.
Select a date picker from a variety of predefined system variables (e.g. Current Time, Current Year Start, etc.) to quickly apply date/timestamp filters.
Filters operators automatically default to the ones consistent with the corresponding data type.
Indicators are added to in the bookmark list to show which filter bookmarks are applied.
CMC   Export and import a tenant from the CMC UI without having to restart the Incorta Server(s).
Analyzer Edit Insights in the enhanced Analyzer mode.
Known Issues    Using arithmetic operations (e.g. addition/subtraction/multiplication) in a formula field causes the result to be of double data type, which cannot be used in joins. To use in joins, convert the result to be of integer data type using the "int" casting function (e.g. int (year(SALES.sales3.TIME_ID)-8).


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Product Announcement

Incorta 4.9 is now Generally Available (GA)!!!