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Status: New

Does the functionality exist, or is there a possibility to create an intermediary screen for a Dashboard pulling from a large data set.  The goal would be for the "Default to Display" Filters to become available and require input prior to the dashboard data trying to load.  As an example - when a user visits my dashboard, they would be first directed to a tab/ pop-up to select the date range or other parameters they need. At this time it seems we have to wait until the data completely loads based on the preset filters, then changes can be made to the filters. However selecting the filters prior to the data pull would seem to save time and network resources.


One way which our customers have done this is to add a default value which does not return any rows in the dashboard. Then the user has to change the prompt value to run the query .
In the future maybe we can add an option which will not execute the dashboard by default . 


As Amit mentioned, there are multiple approaches that can be currently used here:

  • Have an actual default value and change as required (could be an always false filter - show no values)
  • Have a summary, slicing, filtering dashboard/tab with insights that drills down to that dashboard with the selected filter.