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Status: New

I want to be able to create a dashboard like this ( screen cap ) 


which... I did.  Hence the screen cap  😉

But I'd really like to do two other things which require the conditional formatting:

  1. Do this w/out having to do Incorta over Incorta.   
    1. Incorta over Incorta negates the ability to drill through and pass the chosen value as a filter
  2. Do this based on a more complex condition
    1. I want to highlight any category that has *any* subcategory over a threshold
    2. I want to highlight any category that has any subcategory over a threshold **and** has sales for a certain product

As a bonus the conditional formatting conditions should be able to accept a presentation variable(s) for the threshold amounts and accept complex logic ( e.g. "exists" )