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Status: Accepted

I have a need to take a text input ( e.g. 16.7% ) and conditionally format the output ( e.g. > 15% green, > 10 yellow, etc. )

Since the comparison operator wants a number I need to convert the text to a decimal.

Doing it isn't difficult, but it is cumbersome.   I'd like to make it a standard and easily repeatable operation since we will have a lot of columns coming in this way.

I had asked about this in the "old" community, but a search for UDF didn't turn it up.   Apparently it's been logged as INC-33138  -- I thought I'd throw it out here to see if I could gin up some enthusiasm to push this along  😉    

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Status changed to: Accepted

Hi Randy, I, for one, am enthusiastic about this feature request. I will assist in pushing this along.