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Currently - I think, correct me if I'm wrong - when setting up a drill through Incorta looks for the same column/table references in the target insight as are referenced in the source.

I'd like the filter to pass the value only ( e.g. if I drill through on 'ACME'  just pass 'ACME' to whatever column/table I specify rather than requiring it be the same column/table combination in the original.  

Similarly I'd like to be able to select 'ACME' in an insight for dashboard filtering and allow the option to apply the text filter 'ACME' to other insights which use different column/table references.  



Have you figured out an alternative to achieve this? 



I'm going to bump this with a new use case.

I want to create an aggregate table:


What I'd like to do is highlight the category w/ sales over a threshold amount, but I can't get there from here  ( next product idea to be submitted ).   

What I *can* do is build this as a result set and then build a listing insight based upon that.   

What I can't do even w/ that bit of nifty navigation is drill through to another dashboard and have the category pass through as a filter -- because "category" has a qualified reference of the base result set and not the schema.table qualification from which it originated.

Fair enough - but what I *should* be able to do is set up the drill through to pass through the value only and map it to a column in the target report ( other reporting tools do this ).     

So if I click on "Bikes" then drill through to a target report I should be able to map to a filter   

OnlineStore.productcategory.CategoryName = $VariableFromParentReport 
Not only would that address this use case, but would also allow connectivity between distinct schemas