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Status: Accepted

It would be very helpful to have the ability to auto-name the labels in a table to match the columns.  Example - a simple radio button to prevent changing my_perfectly_named_field to "My Perfectly Named Field" in the table interface.  Reasons are: 

  1. Some sources have columns that are already named how we want to use them.
  2. Nicely named columns are what the business schemas are for.
  3. If you want to name the labels and columns the same, the only way is to copy/paste in the schema wizard, and you have to go line-by-line (with Chrome that is)
  4. If you rename all the labels to match, and then want to read data from that table into another table, all the labels are automatically named back again.
  5. This would be very easy to implement - just some simple front-end JS on a button to match the fields, and another button to run the existing logic for people who like the auto-naming.
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Status changed to: Accepted

@elena , @simel - FYI