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Status: Accepted

Often, I have experimental tables, MVs, etc. in my development tenant. To keep production clean, these are not migrated through a schema export. I have to hand move the production adds and changes from dev to prod. 

It would be very useful to have a dialog to allow the selection of schema objects to export.


@marcpaige I think you are saying you would like to export certain table level objects or MVs from a schema. So if I had a schema called "Data" and it had 10 tables and 5 MVs, you might want to say export Data but only bring in Table 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9 and MV 2, 3. Is that correct? Where this can get tricky is if you have dependencies between objects. You could have a formula column in table 8 that is dependent on table 6 which was not included. You wouldn't pick up on that until after deploying in the production schema. Same goes for joins that you might define. Let me think about this some more and see how we could help with this in the future. Thanks for sharing your insight and we might well be in touch to share more later or get some additional information. Adding @awarrier to this discussion so we can capture everything. 


Yes, you are correct in your interpretation. I realize this is a bazooka of a tool and using it would require care and knowledge of the schema and its dependencies.

Status changed to: Accepted

We realize the limitations of this request. However, this would be a very useful toolkit for admin/developers when promoting changes between environment.

We currently an urgent need to be be able to export/import a specific table or multiple tables with a selected schema. 

We hope the import provides a log so that we can understand what the differences are so that the admin/developer can prepare for next steps. 


This is a great big pain in the neck workaround but you could

  1. Back up target schema
    1. I'd do the schema export and the tenant export, but I'm a worrier  😉 
  2. Export the target schema
  3. Export the source ( DEV ) 
  4. Find the changed section(s) in the XML
    1. Might be in the schema and loader files
    2. Tables and joins
  5. Copy/Paste time! 
  6. ZIP changed files back together 
  7. Import the new ZIP file to target 
  8. Give 'er a go! 
  9. Note - I haven't tested, but I think you may need to do a full load even if the columns haven't changed.