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Status: Accepted

We would like to suggest an enhancement that would greatly improve the usability and efficiency of Incorta's Free Form Layout feature.

Currently, when working with multiple visuals in the Free Form Layout, there is no provision to copy visual formatting across multiple visuals simultaneously. It would be incredibly beneficial to have a "Format Painter" tool that allows users to copy the formatting of one visual and apply it to multiple other visuals in one go.

By incorporating the Format Painter tool into the Free Form Layout, users would save a significant amount of time and effort when it comes to ensuring visual consistency and uniformity across their dashboards. This feature would empower users to quickly propagate formatting styles, such as colors, fonts, and other visual attributes, across multiple visuals with just a few clicks.

The Format Painter tool has proven to be a valuable asset in various design applications, and its inclusion in Incorta's Free Form Layout would undoubtedly streamline the dashboard design process. It would enable users to achieve a consistent and visually appealing dashboard layout effortlessly, ultimately enhancing the user experience and improving overall productivity.

Status changed to: New

Hi @nithishs 

Great idea, thanks for the suggestion.

Did you know that you can select multiple/all (using CTRL/CMD + select, or CTRL/CMD+A) insights and apply formats at once?


However, your suggestion would be very beneficial across dashboards or tabs too

Status changed to: Accepted

Adding to our roadmap