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Please see @dylanwan excellent overview of an issue that because more prevalent as our users have become more empowered to make their own reports. Issue and article for work around is here: How to Transfer the Ownership of a Dashboard or an... - Incorta Community

We would like to see transfer of objects become an option, just like sharing is an option. It would help us clean up our environment and shore up the numerous employee transitions that occur each day!


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Thank you, @dylanwan for your thread.  However, I agree with @Adetweiler that the capability for an ownership change would be incredibly useful in a shop with many users.

Due to the segregation of duties of team access levels in larger shops, the person migrating an object is assigned as the owner while the actual owner is dropped. This creates some issues in both short—and long-term object management.

Ideally, changing object ownership at the individual object level would be extremely valuable.