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Create a URL to point to and log in to Incorta instance


Apologies for any botched vocabulary  😉 

Can I create a URL ( a page w/ a URL link )  which will point at my cluster/tenant and pass a login/pw combo to login using Incorta security w/out having to type in the Incorta security creds at the Incorta login screen?  

I want to create an Incorta user w/ view only access to some dashboards and let multiple people get to Incorta as that user w/out handing out credentials. 

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Hello, this is often accomplished by creating a Webpage on the Customer's intranet, then various incorta insights can be published to that web-page as iFrames and the handling of authentication is happening behind the iFrame.  There may also be a way using our public API, but I've not done that before, so we might have to dig a little deeper.  I can also ask internally if we can do exactly as you've requested using some kind of <URL>/incorta/!tenant/<credentials> method.  I've not seen that done before with credentials being passed as endpoints, but it does not mean it is not possible.

Hi Jeff

Is there any guide on this?
"and the handling of authentication is happening behind the iFrame"