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error in sparl SQL

Hi ,If i comment NULL as TRX_PERIOD, NULL AS applied_period, mv is loading successfully, uncomment getting below error.Please let me know what is the issue in the query     

KKR_0-1718282660161.png KKR_0-1718282393734.png
KKR by Rocketeer
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Running total % error

I have two column which has formula created inside the insight. Both these columns are running total.Now I want to calculate percentage using these two columns, which is giving error.  How can I resolve the issue 

Tarashah by Rocketeer
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Incorta Copilot index_chroma

I realize I'm probably going to need to log a ticket for this, but wanted a little bit more information around this command as well.I was reading this post (https://community.incorta.com/t5/dashboards-analytics/copilot-in-interactive-notebooks/ta-p/5...


Schema from load plan stuck in queue

If a certain schema is stuck in queue and the tuck load run was part of a load plan , run below queries in metadata db:MySQL [icdb]> select * from load_plan where name='eFinance_Every1hr_full'; +----+------------------------+-------------+----------+...

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