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Data Agent RAM - What's up w/ that?

Simple ( maybe ) question - RAM usage on a data agent is configurable, but what is the data agent doing to require RAM?   I had assumed it was just a passthrough so wouldn't need to store or process any data locally, but is that the case?    I've als...

RADSr by Partner
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Groupby Pivot in Materialized View

Hello, I am trying to create a materialized view with pyspark where I change the shape of a dataframe using a groupby and pivot function to create many new columns  out of a pre existing column.Like so: result = df.groupby("ItemId").pivot("Question")...

mkrieger by Rocketeer
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SQL Audit Log - Sessions or something similar

When viewing the SQLi Audit log in _IncortaMetadata there are a combination of entries that are related. There is a BEGIN and COMMIT before each statement. There is also a separate set of BEGIN, and COMMIT when I sent a statement using the Initial SQ...

rsather by Rocketeer
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