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How to unpivot a source table in Incorta

Symptoms Sometimes you may see source data only available as a cross table.   Here is a sample data set from USAFACTS US COVID-19 cases.  It shows the number of Covid 19 cases by county and date since the year 2020.   After uploading the data file i...

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High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Introduction This document discusses Incorta High Availability and Disaster Recovery architectures at a high level. Audience: Infrastructure and operations teams who are responsible for installing and maintaining Incorta. Architecture Goals Function...

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Using Comments in Formula Columns

Introduction Commenting code can make things much easier for yourself and others to understand what the particular code or function is doing.  Incorta Formula columns are no exception and well placed and structured comments can be quite useful. What ...


LDAP Sync Troubleshooting Tips

Overview for the LDAP sync process: Common Issues: Users / Groups / Assignments are not updated in Incorta :Check the files within the compressed (users.csv , groups.csv and user-groups.csv)Each one of those files will contain the data ...

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Installing Blueprints on Cloud

Introduction This article will teach you how to use the Install Blue Print function in the Incorta Cloud Platform. What you need to know before reading this article You will need to have access to the Cloud Admin Portal to be able to see the Blueprin...

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