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Resolved! Calculations in Schema

Two questions - 1. Round - according to documentation and per our testing round only works to the nearest whole integer. Anyone find a way to round to two decimals (like you can in Oracle SQL developer or excel?)Ex. 2.5621 in incorta will round to 3 ...

Performance Analysis of Postgress connection

Hi Community,Basically, I am creating a multi-source table using postgres connection, which utilizes the tables already existed in other Incorta schemas. Similar to writing an MV with Union All. I just wanted to understand the performance impact of t...

week over week?

I need to do some reporting on a week-over-week basis. The built-in "ago" and "toDate" functions only support "month", "quarter" and "year".Any thoughts on how to do this inside a formula on a business schema? My last-ditch thoughts:1) create a date ...

Resolved! Incremental Loads

Is it possible to set a non-incremental table to load from staging (rather than performing a full load) when an incremental load is run?  

kxie by Ranger
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Move a table/joins from one schema to another

I have a situation where I had to create a key column as a formula column - however, I can't join to a table in another schema with a formula column, so I'm thinking of moving the target table into the same schema as the original table. 1) Is there a...

RADSr by Partner
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