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Average value for Quarter - Dynamic

Hi, I'm trying to calculate avg value for each quarter based on the current Month completed.I have the below table and I'm trying to calculate the Avg value for each Quarter.Avg Revenue for Quarter Q1 = (1+2+3)/3Avg Revenue for Quarter Q2 = (4+5+6)/3...


Force Null Value for Date

Hi All,What function could be used to Force Null value in a if() condition for data type as DATE/TIMESTAMP. I tried with NULL() and '' in the Argument 3 but it tells that data type is not same.Here is the eg:if(and(Inbound_Orders_SCO.Inbound_Orders.E...

Scalability in the UI gives the wrong impression

The UI has had some wonderful improvements over the last few releases but it still gives the impression that Incorta is meant to be a small system with small tables and only a few schemas.  Here are some easy ideas to fix this.1) In the table editor,...

Finding of MAX date

Hello,I would ask you how to can find MAX date from listing table where are several dates.I do not know which date is last, it could be from yesterday, 3 days ago... it is too flexible.I tried to use max function but I can not define second parameter...

mhornak by Ranger
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