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News and Announcements

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Product Ideas

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Load Only Files Created Since - cange to a toggle box

Load Only Files Created Since This is a free flowing date Field.Change this to radio button with the following options. 1. current date2 last 3 days3 last week4 custom date- Free flowing date Since this date field is free flowing, the loader is proce...

Access AWS services from an Incorta MV

Scenario You need to access AWS services, such as S3, Kafka, or Kinesis, from an Incorta Materialized View (MV) for extracting data. Issues You prefer not to list the credentials in the MV script. Solution You can set up AWS to use temporary secur...


Text file extension expansion

It would be nice if Incorta allow more than csv, tsv, tab, and csv as the valid text file extensions for a Data Lake file type import.  We have some text files that end in PRF, or some other odd extension but are still standard text files that we wou...

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