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Product Ideas

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Allow MV to Save dyanamically generated Table Column

There are situations where columns are dynamically generated in PySpark MV,  each time a column changes, Incorta Schema generates error and gives this recommendation: 'Please rerun table discovery'Basically,  you will have to manually validate the MV...

dlawal by Ranger
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Save work as a draft when session times out

I was putting in some tedious, repetitive(ish) work on a dashboard when I got called away.When I got back to it Incorta had timed out and as you might have guessed my tedious, repetitive(ish) work was gone.Yes, I could have and should have clicked "s...

RADSr by Captain
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Restrict users from copying/creating to content folder

Hi, is there a way we can restrict users from creating customs or copies of reports to the content folder but instead into their own user folder? This would help organize reports to where we can see just reports users created in one folder and a fold...

ktran by Ranger
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Maintaining Incorta Health Over Time

IntroductionWhat you should know before reading this articleApplies toLet’s GoThe Need for SpeedProlonging the Life of your Current HardwareLoaderLoad PlansLoad Only What You NeedRun Full LoadsMV AssistantAnalyticsKeep Memory FreeThrottle SQLiUse MV’...

Tristan_0-1712618369310.png Tristan_1-1712618369365.png Tristan_2-1712618369405.png arrow-153644_1280.png
Tristan by Employee
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Local Access Log Made Available in CMC

For Incorta Environment security monitoring, we have created a means to identify Failed Login attempts to our Incorta Environments. Our process runs off of Incorta provided service logs which are available for download in CMC. We are requesting the L...

Matt2 by Cosmonaut
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