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Dashboard Scheduling Cadence

Dashboard schedule is created on Feb 5 and is scheduled to run every 7 days with no end date.Schedule interface shows Feb 8 - which after some quick work with the abacus I have determined does not fall on Feb 7 or any factor of 7 after Feb 5.Importan...

RADSr by Partner
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Error when saving insight from "Explore"

When I "Explore" from a physical schema and try to save the insight I'm getting: INC_05000301: Runtime exception occurred [Duplicate key com.incorta.api.catalog.Favorite@10d75d18[creationDate=2022-12-05 02:59:57.0,entityId=1514,entityType=4,id=146,ow...

RADSr by Partner
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Script to Restart loader

Hi All - Wondering, whether we can have an automated shell script to restart the loader box like every week which will help to clear my loader memory.we have a small non-prod instance, and before every full load on my schemas, I need to restart the l...

Ram by Cosmonaut
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