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How can we remove terminated users from Incorta?


Hello - Other than manually deleting users from metadata database, is there any other way to automatically remove the terminated users from Incorta?


Employee Alumni
Employee Alumni

Hi @prabhak,

Great question. Currently we do not automatically delete the users physical record from database unless the directory sync is being used. In which case , we will disable the user and their group membership.

Note* Before physically deleting a user, be sure  all objects owned by that user is transferred to new user

Hello - Thanks for your quick reply. What would happen to the objects owned by the disabled user via directory sync? 

Employee Alumni
Employee Alumni

The users group membership will only be revoked, not deleted so the objects will remain. You will still have to manually delete the user. Before deleting a user, a Incorta will ask if you want to transfer all owned objects to another user. If we were to automatically delete users, the objects assigned to the deleted user would be affected as well.