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All RADSr's Badges

RADSr has earned 26 badges!
  • Conversationist
    Earned by 2
    You have written 250 replies. Thanks for all your contributions.
  • Auteur
    Earned by 2
    You have started 100 discussions. You have shaped the community!
  • A-lister
    Earned by 1
    Congratulations on earning 250 likes. You are on the way to greatness.
  • Patron
    Earned by 2
    You have written 100 replies. Way to go!
  • Author
    Earned by 4
    You're leading the conversation. You have more the 50 discussions to date!
  • Rising Star
    Rising Star
    Earned by 3
    Wow! 100 likes already? Keep it up!
  • Social
    Earned by 3
    You have written 50 replies. Keep it up!
  • Word Smith
    Word Smith
    Earned by 10
    You have started 25 conversations. You have a way with words. We like that.
  • Mechanic
    Earned by 2
    You have earned 25 solutions. If we didn't know better, we'd think that you come here just to solve others' questions.
  • Prodigy
    Earned by 6
    Congrats on 50 likes. The community is really enjoying your work.
  • Cogent
    Earned by 9
    You have written 25 replies. We are lucky to have you here in the community.
  • Composer
    Earned by 23
    You have started 10 conversations. You're making a name for yourself!
  • Troubleshooter
    Earned by 7
    You have earned 5 solutions. Thanks for lending a hand to help others succeed!
  • Standing Ovation
    Standing Ovation
    Earned by 15
    With 25 likes, you might just be unstoppable. Keep it up!
  • First Reply
    First Reply
    Earned by 199
    1st reply! We appreciate your contributions and look forward to hearing from you more.
  • Discussion Starter
    Discussion Starter
    Earned by 50
    One conversation is a fluke, five is a trend! Keep it up!
  • First solution
    First solution
    Earned by 42
    First solution?! We knew we could depend on you.
  • Applause
    Earned by 40
    10 likes earned! Your peers appreciated your contributions.
  • Expressive
    Earned by 24
    You have written 10 replies. You're building your reputation!
  • First Topic
    First Topic
    Earned by 258
    You just started your first discussion. We look forward to hearing from you more!
  • Responsive
    Earned by 47
    5 replies already? We love hearing from you.
  • High five
    High five
    Earned by 71
    Look at that - another badge! Congrats on earning 5 likes.
  • First Like
    First Like
    Earned by 185
    You got a nice and shiny 'like'! This is the beginning of a beautiful journey.
  • Community Founder's Badge
    Community Founder's Badge
    Earned by 416
    You have registered for our community within 100 days of launch!
  • Q3 User Group Meeting Attendee
    Q3 User Group Meeting Attendee
    Earned by 30
    Thank you for attending the Q3 User Group Meeting! We look forward to seeing you next time.
  • Q4 User Group Meeting Attendee
    Q4 User Group Meeting Attendee
    Earned by 15
    Thank you for attending the Q4 User Group Meeting!