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How can I format a number without using the format on the pill

I  need to be able to designate a measure as Actual or Budget in an aggregated table.  The two ways I could think of:

1) using conditional formatting, however Incorta doesn't support formatting based on a different field value

2) concatenating an indicator with the metric. this works but I lose the ability to format the measure as there is no way to apply a numeric format to the conversion of ints or doubles to strings. Any other ideas? 

What I would like to see is something like this:




Community Manager
Community Manager

@Won2RoolThemAll - let's see if we can get this figured out!

You are correct on the conditional formatting setup today. However, there is something in the works! Just for reference

Are you specifically looking for the ability to add a thousand separators to your values? That could present a challenge as there is no native function to add comma separators to strings, but the "$" and "A/B" should be easily done in with a case statement for budget v actual. 

Another consideration around the challenge could be using budget/actual as a column dimension in a pivot table and keeping your measure a measure to leverage the built-in formatting. 



@Won2RoolThemAll Can you share a little more around what you are trying to do with the data? Is this in a table? I would imagine it would be more useful to show the different between actual and budget no? Once you make this into a string with concatenation it won't sort etc. What's the business problem you are trying to solve, maybe we can come up with something that would help. 

Regarding condition formatting, it is on our roadmap to improve that to allow for more than just a range value, so you can say this color if this status for example. In our cloud 2022.5.0 release we have some improvements on conditional formatting but this is based on measure values. Thanks for the feedback, let's see if we can get another solution that will work for you.