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Need to setup a suppression rule for a dashboard


I have a survey that I am reporting results using an Incorta dashboard.  I need to be able to suppress survey results if there are fewer than 10 responses.  For example, if I receive 100 responses but filter to a unit that has only 8 responses, all dashboard stats are suppressed.  I don't want to suppress individual answer choices which are less than 10 if the total responses are more than 10.  I tried to use an aggregated filter for this with a formula to filter out response count < 10 thinking it will recognize total response counts versus individual answer counts but unfortunately the answer counts filtered out.  I'd appreciate any ideas how to do this from the community.  Thanks!



There is probably a more elegant way, but I'd use a MV to query determine responses per survey  and then build a formula column referencing that.    Something like:

   case(totresponses < 10, 'Insufficient volume',  <response> ) 

Then, if I were really ambitious I'd add my formula to the distinct filter ( if you are using a list ) so I'd only get one row.

** MV can be any derived table, but I'm old  😉 and so prefer  SQL to Incorta Analyzer tables 

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