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Incort Metadata


When we create a table in Schema and in the design mode if we select the table we can see the datasource/language and other info telated to table, in which table i can find this info?

used ingormation_schema.columns in incorta_postgres ican see table and schema name but can't find source informayion.

no luck with incorta_metadata.



@Naruto It's held in XML format as a BLOB in SCHEMA.SCHEMA_DATA and SCHEMA.LOADERDATA. We do not support direct change of these values outside of the application updating the values but you should be able to find what you might be looking for there. Just curious what are you trying to do with the data? Is there a specific question you are looking to answer? What will you do with the data? 


Lets take i have created Employee table in Employee Physical Schema and new person craeted same Employe table in Contract Schema.

1.currently with metadata we can see table_Schema and table_name but don't know whether its a direct datasource or MV or alias table.

2. I don't want to users to create any dirrect mapping tables in few of my physical schema , to check that i have to go to schema and manually check.

If i built a dashboard with table_Schema, table_name and type of source , it will helps me in monitor things and can ask others to use existing objects.


Thanks for your explanation.  The incorta metadata SCHEMA stores the data at the schema level.  To get the table level data in this way, you will need to export the schema and handles XML. 

The Incorta Inspector can be used to generate the table and column level data in a csv file.  You can schedule or run an ad hoc inspector job from CMC.
Here is a related post: Using Incorta Inspector Tool

Here is a sample output from the SCHEMA_TABLES table 

 Screen Shot 2022-05-10 at 9.57.44 PM.png


If i have to do some analysis i need to export and import the xml , do it get stored at database level?