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Sample Data


As a fresh rookie to Incorta, I have been working through some of the documentation and training and am trying to work with some of the sample data that is loaded to a tenant with the Sample data.  Unfortunately, I do not have CMC access yet, so I cannot create a training tenant and the dev tenant we have does not include the sample data.

My question.  Is there a repo out there where I can download the sample data and access it as a local file?  The sets I am interested in are the SALES and data datasets mentioned in the 5.2 documentation for the Sales Overview Dashboard Example.  

Any help is appreciated!  Perhaps there is a possibility in these forums to add access to data examples?



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @brett_gamble - I'm looking around for you. We're also brainstorming some potential solutions to get the data in your hands a little more easily. Stay tuned!

Awesome.  I appreciate it, and it will probably be more useful for those that come after me.  Perhaps a github repo for sample data sets?