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Boost your Analytical ROI with Incorta

Published on ‎08-18-2022 06:51 AM by Employee | Updated on ‎08-22-2022 03:38 PM

As a data practitioner, it doesn’t pay to be risk averse when it comes to technology. The data teams that have been willing to push the envelope have been the most successful in helping their stakeholders navigate the volatile business climate that we find ourselves in.

For these teams, it starts and ends with real-time access to detailed data across ALL core systems. They didn’t settle for ‘better, faster, cheaper ETL’ or ‘move your data warehouse to the cloud.’ The true change agents at Meta, Apple, and Netflix have taken a radically different approach to reporting & analytics when it comes to their core operational data (Oracle, SFDC, EPBCS, etc), and it’s paying 7-figure dividends.

Join Viscosity and Incorta on August 31 for a three hour workshop to learn what radically different approach companies are taking to create a single place for analytics and reporting. Hear how Viscosity has moved away from their traditional BI stack to this new innovative approach. 

During the workshop you’ll get hands on experience loading and connecting data, building and automating joins, and creating reusable, easy to manipulate dashboards. 

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Wed, Aug 31, 2022 06:00 AM PDT
Wed, Aug 31, 2022 11:00 AM PDT
Renaissance Dallas at Plano Legacy West Hotel, Legacy Dr, Plano, TX, USA