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Boosting Your Working Capital by Harnessing the Power of Your Data

Published on ‎07-22-2022 12:04 PM by Employee Alumni

In the final chapter of our 3-part series on driving agility with financial analytics, we will explore how IT teams can create a common data environment that gives business users access to operational data and financial analytics that will make your CFO love you. By making all business data immediately accessible to finance teams, they can better manage the relationship between every business dollar in and out to optimize DSO/DPO, AR/AP aging, vendor discounts and cash conversion cycles and more to improve overall working capital.

You will learn how to:

  • Simplify the data acquisition process from source systems and make 100% of data available to business users for operational reporting and real-time analysis.
  • Maintain complete control over data governance, access and lineage while giving users freedom to explore all business data.
  • Deliver the latest data in minutes and eliminate the need for time consuming ETL processes.

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Tue, Aug 30, 2022 05:00 AM PDT
Tue, Aug 30, 2022 06:00 AM PDT