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Five Key Considerations for Upgrading OBIEE to a Modern BI Solution

Published on ‎07-22-2022 12:02 PM by Employee Alumni

Join us as we explore how you can unlock the full potential of all operational data in complex source systems to gain up-to-the-minute operational insights in record time.

You’ll learn how Incorta enables you to:

• Expedite your organization’s migration from OBIEE and drastically speed time to value for Oracle analytics projects.

• Directly map to Oracle data sources to eliminate traditional transformation and aggregation steps and deliver all usable data to the business in record time.

• Achieve new insights with custom dashboards featuring multiple types of interactive visuals in a single view.

• Validate insights by drilling down to the detail — from summary metrics across various data sources to transaction line details instantly.

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Wed, Aug 24, 2022 09:00 AM PDT
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