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[Incorta] The power of momentum: Deliver quick wins and build confidence for your finance analytics initiative

Community Manager
Community Manager

Presented by: Mohit Saggi, VP of Product at Incorta

Use this discussion to ask Mohit any questions related to his session!

Session Date: Dec 6, 2022 @ 9:05AM


Data is in constant motion for finance teams. Transactions are processed within mission-critical ERP systems such as Oracle E-Business Suite or SAP; plans and forecasts are shaped in systems like Anaplan or OneStream; reconciliation and statutory reporting handled in platforms like Blackline, and traditional Business Intelligence helps deliver insights to finance analysts in Tableau or Power BI.

Behind these processes hides a complexity of tools and technologies that leads to fragmentation and data silos that prevent finance teams from operating from a single source of truth. These silos cause gaps between finance processes, and lead to delays and frustration when delivering new functionality or answering challenging questions from leadership.

Hear from Mohit Saggi, Incorta VP of Product, around the latest additions to the Incorta platform, and how Incorta data applications deliver modular, quick-to-deploy business solutions through our new Incorta marketplace, offering an unrivaled real-time view of operational finance data from these critical sources.

- Learn how Incorta data applications deliver rapid data acquisition, governance and lineage, analytics and ready-to-deploy business views across finance applications such as Oracle EBS, Netsuite, SAP and more.
- Understand the broad range of business modules that can be integrated into your Incorta Analytics Data Hub through data applications, including Accounts Payable/Receivable, Fixed Assets, General Ledger and many more.
- Integrate 100% of your business data with enterprise data destinations such as Blackline, Azure Synapse Analytics and Tableau using the Incorta Analytics Data Hub.
- Deliver game-changing agile analytics that are deployed instantly through data applications via the Incorta marketplace, to fuel continued confidence, focus, and commitment for strategic data initiatives.



Loved the questions about how many multiple ERP sources or other sources you could include such as SAP ECC and SAP S/4 HANA. This really does make finance user's life so much better! The metrics that make me most happiest though is not the tangible ones like 10,000 hours saved, but the emotional responses that users of Incorta tell me. How their quality of life is improved due to Incorta changing the way they work. This is a game changer, especially during period close. Would love to hear other people's questions.