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Fun Friday: Game Night🎲

The holidays always remind me of playing games with my family during get togethers . Board games, video games, role-playing games, or even a sport- Tell us about your favorite games !   

KailaT by Employee Alumni
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Fun Friday: Your week in a meme

Today's Fun Friday challenge: Describe this past week using a gif or meme.  I am feeling pretty accomplished overall however had a lot to get done this week so here's mine: 

KailaT by Employee Alumni
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Friday Funday: Recipes

It's almost time for the holidays and here in the United States, that means food and lots of it!  Share with us your favorite family recipes or something you like to make during the winter season? Here's my favorite recipe for stuffing! https://www.o...

KailaT by Employee Alumni
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Fun Friday: Your Last Meal 🍲

I have been watching quite a few deserted island movies lately, (WILLSONNNN!) and it really got me thinking - if I knew I was going to be stuck on an island without access to my favorite foods, or food really at all, what would be my last meal.  For ...

KailaT by Employee Alumni
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