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Fun Friday: Rose 🌹, Bud 🌱, & Thorn πŸ₯€

Employee Alumni
Employee Alumni

Every week I like to participate in a little gratitude and reflection by listing out accomplishments as well as some things that could have gone better. To do this I use the Rose , Bud and Thorn method. This Friday I want to introduce this to the community and hope you all can share your week with me! 

Here's what it means:

Rose 🌹 - Your "rose" is the awesome accomplishment from this week! 

Bud πŸŒ± - Your "bud" is a newly sprouted idea or project you just started!

Thorn πŸ₯€ - It's okay to share the not so good things too. Your thorn is something that didn't go as planned.


So, heres mine:

Rose 🌹 - I finished holiday shopping early! 

Bud πŸŒ± - We have an exciting new community event coming in January that I am diligently planning for. Stay tuned for more information!

Thorn πŸ₯€ - My dog ate some halloween candy and we spent all night at the vet.


What is your Rose, Bud and Thorn? 



Community Manager
Community Manager

Rose πŸŒΉ - Spent the week developing some Incorta How-To videos that should be out at the end of the month. The rose is because it's coming along much faster than expected. I might even squeeze in a few more. 

Bud πŸŒ± - Had some thoughts on elevating our employee spotlight! We will see if this budding plant grows. 

Thorn πŸ₯€ - All my children have RSV currently - all video editing removes the coughs of my children πŸ˜‚