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Fun Friday: Virtual Meeting Bingo 🖥️

Employee Alumni
Employee Alumni

This Fun Friday we are doing something a little different. Working from home has been a huge adjustment for most of us who were used to, booking conference rooms, impromptu team brainstorms on an actual whiteboard and happy hours on Thursdays. Work looks a little different these days but that doesn't mean we can’t still have fun. 

Check out this Virtual Meeting BINGO board. See how many of these spots you can cross off your board in your meetings today! Let’s see who can get to BINGO the fastest!



Community Manager
Community Manager

There's me who's always trying to figure out if my microphone is coming from my laptop, my headphones, or my podcast microphone ðŸ˜‚.

Easy 'I think you're on mute' check on that front!

Employee Alumni
Employee Alumni

Only got two today - only had one meeting though.

Funny thing is that "what is the worst background noise you've had on virtual calls" is now a great conversation starter! My husband is still in the lead with his response of "a peacock!" Apparently his boss' boss has peacocks in the neighborhood and one was shrieking! 

Peacocks are great for dealing with rattlesnakes, so I'm all in favor of them.