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weeknum function bad results

Hi there,Im using weeknum function but it seems that results at not correct eg below. Column manual shows proper CW from the week numbers table 2021. First row 5 november 2021 - CW44 but according to function CW45 ... why ?Next question why when ther...

Random_1191_0-1685684132102.png Random_1191_2-1685684293735.png Random_1191_1-1685684269347.png Random_1191_3-1685685111501.png

Dynamic Naming for Field

How to set the column name to be dynamic in Incorta.Ex: I want the listing insight to show 2022,2021,2020(Last 3 Years) which should be dyanmic , when its next year it would 2023,2022,2021 is ther a way to set it at Lisitng Insight level, I don't wan...

Naruto by Cosmonaut
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Bar Chart axis formatting?

I recently moved to the cloud (2023.1.1) and noticed that the axis on my bar chart changes the numeric format from a simple integer format (499) to an abbreviated format (0.5K). I have the max value for the axis set to 800 (which shows as 0.8K)I want...