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Resolved! Running Total sum error

I'm new to Incorta and I'm trying to make insights using data I'm familiar with. The game Civilization 6 has the ability to dump json formatted files. I was able to load that into Incorta. I'm trying to make a very basic graph to show Era Score accum...

incorta civ 6 era score.png

Rounding rule setting?

TL/DR - is there a setting to change the rounding method used in an insight display between "half even" and "half up?"  If so, does it have to be universal v. insight-specific?  Also if so, who can change it?It looks like Incorta uses a "half even" a...

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Resolved! INC_04050712: Join could not add column:

This morning I made a simple change to a business schema formula  ( added a case w/ in a case statement ).   I tested a dashboard which has insights reflecting the change and all was well.    I opened a second, similar dashboard and ...   all is not ...

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