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Resolved! Changing Stacked Bar Chart Colors

I am facing an issue with changing the colors of the Stacked Bar Chart. Currently, the colors appear in reverse, where the "Low" category is shown in red instead of blue.I need guidance on how to properly change these colors to ensure that the "Low" ...

IM3N by Rocketeer
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Force Null Value for Date

Hi All,What function could be used to Force Null value in a if() condition for data type as DATE/TIMESTAMP. I tried with NULL() and '' in the Argument 3 but it tells that data type is not same.Here is the eg:if(and(Inbound_Orders_SCO.Inbound_Orders.E...

hsattuwa by Rocketeer
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Finding of MAX date

Hello,I would ask you how to can find MAX date from listing table where are several dates.I do not know which date is last, it could be from yesterday, 3 days ago... it is too flexible.I tried to use max function but I can not define second parameter...

mhornak by Ranger
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