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INC_04050712: Join could not add column:


This morning I made a simple change to a business schema formula  ( added a case w/ in a case statement ).   

I tested a dashboard which has insights reflecting the change and all was well.    I opened a second, similar dashboard and ...   all is not well.    

<< removed paragraph about copy/pasting insights -- my bad application of copy/paste between browser tabs >> 


So what the heck's going on?  The log helpfully tells me "ERROR" about a million times, but the closest I see it coming to helpful is this:  

error while compiling formula expression <business schema field>  [com.incorta.engine.db.Projection.addField]

which would be very helpful, except that the formula works just fine when used in the first dashboard.  

1) Anyone seen similar behavior?

1a) If so how'd you fix it? 

2) Any advice on where to start troubleshooting?   My first inclination was to look at the "SQL" but that's throwing an error too.


Finally - yes, ticket opened.    Let's race!    





Support won the race!   It was a marathon with pitfalls and bug traps along the way, but ultimately came down to a typo in the formula change.   That's on me -- the buggy stuff is on Incorta, but only fair I take my hit  😉   

 @Prince    Big thanks to Mohammed from support who stuck with me and did approximately a million restores as we went through this journey and added my case to the bug incident.