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Materialized View using a table from a Dashboard


Hi all, is it possible to create a materialized view from an existing table in a dashboard, I want to do this because I want to create some statistics with python using the layout and data that is present in the dashboard. The table I want to use is a listing table, as I figured that an aggregate table would be more complex 


Community Manager
Community Manager

@keenan  - All referencable columns from a materialized view can be found here.

With dashboard tables not referencable, you could leverage any of the objects as outlined in the above article.

Another option is to extract the SQL logic generated by the table insight, then drop that SQL into my MV to read in data via SQL statement. 
Retrieve the SQL from the insight table here:


Read it into the MV using the incorta_sql() function:

df = incorta_sql("SELECT * FROM DS_Orders.Order_Source_Analyzer_Monthly WHERE (DS_Orders.Order_Source_Analyzer_Monthly.ORGANIZATION_CODE = 'M2' AND DS_Orders.Order_Source_Analyzer_Monthly.INVENTORY_ITEM_ID = 11923) AND DS_Orders.Order_Source_Analyzer_Monthly.MONTH>'2008-01-01' SORT BY DS_Orders.Order_Source_Analyzer_Monthly.MONTH ASC ")



@JoeM , thank you for your reply, however i believe the incorta_sql module/library is currently available only for cloud implementation of Incorta and not for on-premise. Is there any work around to this for on-prem installation ?

Thank you !