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Overlap of Data


Hi All,

I want to calculate the overlap of specific column which may occur in multiple places.

Consider Person_Name as a column and I want to know in which location and country this Person_Name will occur and get the count of it.

I'm trying to achieve this under table visualization.



This sounds like a simple group by - group by country and person name and put person name in the measures with an aggregate behavior of COUNT  

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Hi @RADSr,

Thank you for your reply!

In my case I want to keep Country and Location as Prompts but not as a part of any columns in group by or measures. In that case how can I get the count of the Person_Name based on other grouping dimensions.

In that case, you might need to materialize the count group-by in an Analyzer View or Dashboard insight result set, then use that materialized result win your insight.

In that case you might want to use another feature ( I like it, I've mentioned it several times in Community so I hope I'm not too redundant ).   

  1. Set up your groups and measure(s) so that things are aggregating correctly absent the country and location prompts. 
  2. Drag "person name" into measures again -  as many times as there are candidate countries
  3. Open the measure properties and drag a new formula to the "filter by" drop zone
  4. New formula can be something like: country_name = 'Canada' but it's a formula so it can be as robust as you'd like  ( ** almost - no summary filtering here  )
  5. Rename the column "Name Count: Canada" or the like.


This is a bit of a grind, but I'm having trouble envisioning how else you'd display counts by country without having country as part of the report display ( rows or columns ).

If I'm still not getting it maybe post a sample wireframe or Excel example, but it certainly sounds doable.

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