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PDF/HTML Rendering changes alignment of insights to *mis*alignment of insights


Cloud / 2022.7.2


I've had a ticket open in support but thought I'd try here as well to see if anyone has seen and/or been able to address this before.

I have a dashboard w/ three insights - all aggregate tables set to transpose columns and it works wonderfully when run interactively in IA. ( screen cap of the bottom of the display - cut off to not show customer identifying data )   



Sadly, when this is downloaded as a PDF or HTML file the insights are misaligned. 



It looks like it starts w/ the row height being slightly different at row 1 on insights 2 & 3 and results in the overall height of the display being ~ 2 "rows" shorter.     

The end result is a report which is intended for the C-suite being difficult to visually interpret ( and not acceptable to them as a solution ...  me either,  😉  ) 

I'm willing to change the formatting or even layout if that's what it takes,  but although I did try removing all conditional formatting from the dashboard it 1) didn't change the results and 2) is a reporting requirement.