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Sorting within groups


I have a fairly complex insight w/ the basic structure:

Top Parent

 -> Parent

     -> leaf

           --> bunch of summary measures and formula columns

I want Top Parent and Parent sorted alpha, so check!  But I want leaf sorted based on one of my summary measures ( say total sales for an easy reference ).    If I drag a formula into the "sort by" field I'm treated to the "sum not supported" message and, although it will validate, the sorting is not affected.  

A couple other points:

The original is a pivot table, but I've tried turning it into an aggregate table and still no luck sorting

I *am* able to sort in a different cluster using a different source of data ( so not *exactly* apples to apples ) but the same version 2022.9.0  << the working source is a single flat file modeled as a single table, however.

If it were just me and I had to get it done I'd build a purpose-built MV with leaf total sales or if I were adventurous I'd build a new insight based on a new result set mimicking my original.   Remember though that "fairly complex" bit -- I don't think it's a good Incorta story to tell the user they have to chew gum, turn circles, stand on their head, and hope all to get what should be a "click" kind of result 

Am I missing the obvious?  And/or what's the best way to accomplish what I'm after?   Anyone seen this behavior or lack of behavior before?  

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